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Isn’t it time that men stop pretending that they don’t care about their appearance? That they don’t have to do more than just roll out of bed and into their jeans? I think so, and so does the team behind Every Man Jack, the latest ‘beauty’ (for lack of a more masculine word) range for men. With products for everything from hair to body to face, including shaving-care, Every Man Jack caters to our husbands, brothers and fathers, and just like that Birthdays and Christmas just got that little bit easier! The hair products range from scalp-healthy shampoos and conditioners to shaping gels, pomades and thickening creams for the more ‘Fonz’ - like types. The body bars and wash are made from high-quality formulas and natural ingredients and won’t cost you a fortune. Every Man Jack encourages guys everywhere to start looking after their skin with cleansers, moisturizers and protectors that are no-fuss and easily fit into a daily regimen. There’s also a bunch of products to bring gents “one step closer to shaving perfection”, with washes that prep the skin, and creams and gels to heal and protect.

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